2 stacked overdrives


Patent Pending « Cellular Clipping™ » technology


  • True bypass
  • 100% analog design
  • High end definition even at high gain
  • No interaction between controls for maximized ease of use
  • Power supply : 9V battery or power adapter (center-tip negative polarity)
  • Power consumption : 29 mA max
  • Dimensions : 12 x 9.4 x 3.4 cm
  • Weight : 360 gr


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With the Drive Recovery, Thrilltone intends to open the way to a brand new generation of analog overdrives, better defined, warmer, and more expressive than ever.

Drive Recovery is an original French made creation, coming from more than 3 years of R&D, which brings to overdrive its great technologic emancipation. Thanks to proprietary Cellular Clipping™ technology, Drive Recovery provides a unique tube tone print, and brings to overdrive improved expressiveness range and incomparable definition.Drive Recovery, it’s two stackable Cellular Clipping™ overdrives embedded in a single device. With its first channel, it can be used either as a clean boost to get natural and expressive crunches, or as a warm overdrive with richer saturations. Activating the second channel allows to get a powerful and generous overdrive, with incredible accuracy even by playing chords.

Featured with an exclusive “character” control knob, that allows adjusting harmonic signature and dynamics, Drive Recovery is certainly one of the overdrives in the world that preserves the most the synergy between guitar and amplifier.

With Drive Recovery, you will rediscover overdrive and unchain your expressiveness!


  • Two stacked mid gain overdrives in a single device
  • Incomparable expressiveness range and definition thanks to patent pending Cellular Clipping™ Technology
  • Wide gain range allowing to get :
    • Dynamic and warm crunches
    • Clean and smooth overdrives
    • Powerful, rich and accurate overdrives
  • Exclusive dynamics control knob
  • Optimized for all guitar pickups type
  • 100% made in France


  • Drive: gain control for the first Cellular Clipping™ overdrive stage, for subtle crunches and warm saturations. This first channel is active as soon as Drive Recovery is engaged. Increasing the gain does not impact the output volume. So changing Gain doesn’t imply to adjust Volume.
  • Over-Drive: gain control for the second overdrive stage, allowing to get generous saturation, incredibly well defined in lead as well as in playing chords.
  • Character: exclusive character setting allowing to adjust overdrive dynamics and harmonic signature. Set to the maximum, Drive Recovery sound tend to be the one from standard vintage overdrives, pretty compressed and centered to mediums. Decreasing character setting allows getting dynamics back, with brighter sounds and higher expressiveness range. This character control knob is one of the major features of the Drive Recovery.
  • Tone: ergonomic tone control allowing to balance between low and high frequencies. This knob includes a center detent to easily find the neutral position, where tone stage has no impact.
  • Volume: volume control knob, allowing to boost or lessen output signal (+/-15dB). When set in the center position, output volume is the same whether Drive Recovery is engaged or not.
  • Bypass: footswitch allowing to engage and disengage the Drive Recovery.
  • Extra Gain: footswitch allowing to engage and disengage the second overdrive stage.